226605 biodiversity protection

Contract nr 226605

Project leader

Mladi istrazivaci Srbije/Young Researchers of Serbia

Postal address

Bulevar Umetnosti 27, 11 070 Belgrade, Serbia


+381-11-311 13 14


Ms Tanja Petrovic

Email address


Partners WWF European Policy Programme – Rome Branch (WWF MedPO) Green Home Radosava Burica 31, Podogoric, Montenegro
Obala hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 7/III Split Croatia

Total budget

EUR 350,495.00

EC Grant

EUR 280.175.00 (79.94%)


24 months

Objectives of the action

Contribute to the protection of biodiversity and natural resources in Montenegro and Serbia by promoting and supporting the implementation of key EU conservation policy (Natura 2000) and regional initiatives on Climate Change awareness (Earth Hour).

Specific objectives: Strengthen the networking and communication capacity of 50 NGOs in Serbia and in Montenegro. Raise the awareness of selected civil society sectors in Montenegro and Serbia on the importance of innovative environmental policies (Natura 2000) and regional campaigns (Earth Hour) to protect the natural resources of the region. Strengthen the NGOs networks in Serbia and Montenegro and connect them with similar networks in Croatia and Albania. Share and learn from best practices of NATURA 2000 implementation in the region (Croatia). 

Target group(s)

Environmental NGOs in Serbia and Montenegro.

Final beneficiaries

Environmental NGOs in Serbia and Montenegro, EU candidate country NGO- Sunce from Croatia, EU environmental organization WWF, regional and national Governments in Serbia and Montenegro

Estimated results

By proposed actions we will achieve that: Project teams have been trained on networking; networking skills transferred to 50 members of two networks in Serbia and Montenegro; At least 20 networks members trained on environmental policies and communication; Advocacy skills of 10 network members improved; . At least 4 consultation meetings hold; 15 small local projects implemented; NGO network NATURA 2000 Resource Center in Serbia and Green Resource Center in Montenegro had developed at least 5 project within networks; NGO network members participated in at least 10 decision making processes related to Natura 2000; Governmental institutions recognize networks as a partners; Established communication among Natura 2000 resource Center in Serbia, Green resource Center in Montenegro, similar NGO networks in Croatia and Albania; 20 NGOs from Serbia and Montenegro improved knowledge about Natura 2000; Multiplier effect: lessons learned and best practices shared with other network's members;

Main activities

Training on networking; Development of strategies for Networks; Training workshop on environmental policies and advocacy strategies; Workshop on best practices to communicate Natura 2000 and other environmental policies to local stakeholders; Exchange visit of NGOs from Serbia and Montenegro to Brussels; Local actions to promote Natura 2000 and protection of natural resources trough Earth Hour; Follow up workshop; Regular meetings of Networks members; Preparation and distribution of electronic newsletter about NATURA 2000; Establishment of NATURA 2000 blog; Creation and moderation of regional email list; Regular meetings of NGO representatives with Governmental institutions; Study visit to Croatia; Meetings of project team; Reporting; Evaluation; Follow up.