226323 health & safety at work

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Project leader

The Association for help and education of mobbing victims

Postal address

Domobranska 4, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


+385-1-3907 301     


Ms Jadranka Apostolovski

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Trade Union of finances of Macedonia (SFDM), Skopje;

Autonomous trade union of employees in banks, insurance companies and other financial organizations of Serbia (
S BOFOS) Trg Nikole Pa¹iæa 5/III, Belgrade, Serbia

Trade Union of finance Organizations of Montenegro;

IBG Institut, Austria

Croatian association of employers (associate)


Total budget

EUR 319,478.46

EC Grant

EUR 255,582.77 (80%)


24 months

Objectives of the action

Overall objective: To support the development of a socially responsible labour market in the SE Europe region, through working on prevention and mitigation of mobbing

Specific objective: To establish a regional partnership between CSOs and trade unions, as a tool for coordinated development of anti-mobbing policies

Target group(s)

Trade union representatives; Employers; Decision makers

Final beneficiaries


Estimated results

1. Anti-mobbing network established

2. Joint anti-mobbing policy recommendations articulated

3. Anti-mobbing training programme articulated

4. Mobbing advisory system established

Main activities

1.1 Initial presentation events

1.2 Project start-up and final conference

1.3 Establishment of the regional anti-mobbing network


2.1 Comparative anti-mobbing policy research

2.2 Econometric analysis of the impact of mobbing on the labour market

2.3 Preparation and publishing of the mobbing report and policy recommendations


3.1 Preparation of the training programme curriculum and manual

3.2 Training of trainers

3.3 Training of anti-mobbing advisors

3.4 Establishment of a localised mobbing advisory network


4.1 Production of the “Mobbing-free workplace” sticker

4.2 Publishing of the regional anti-mobbing internet portal