226317 env. policies & strategies

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Project leader

The International Union for Conservation of Nature Regional Office for Europe

Postal address

Boulevard Louis Schmidt 64, 1040 Brussels


+32-2-732 82 99


Veronika Ferdinandova

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Ecologists’ Movement of Macedonia, Vasil Gjorgov 39, baraka 6, Skopje

Greens of Montenegro, Ulica Ivangradska bb, Podogrica, Montenegro

Bird Protection and Study Society of Vojvodina (Serbia)

Total budget

277,193.00 EUR

EC Grant

221,754.40 EUR (80%)


24 months

Objectives of the action

Overall objective: Supporting selected candidate and potential candidate countries of the Western Balkans in their EU accession process through the increased role of CSOs in the implementation of key EU environmental policies and strategies.

Specific objective: To strengthen capacities of CSOs in FYROM, Montenegro and Serbia to understand and support implementation of the EU policies relating to sustainable management of natural resources such as Natura 2000 and the 2010 biodiversity target and the rural development components of the EU Common Agricultural Policy.

Target group(s)

Staff of the project partners (Ecologists’ Movement of Macedonia, Greens of Montenegro, and Bird Protection and Study Society of Vojvodina, Serbia) – approximately 15 people; Staff of more than 15 environmental NGOs and stakeholders from the target countries (at least 30 people).

Final beneficiaries

Stakeholders from the pilot site areas (farmers, small businesses, local producers, etc.); Stakeholders from the Western Balkans (NGOs, farmers, small businesses, local producers, tourist agencies, etc.); GOs from the Western Balkans (ministries, local authorities, local experts, environmental agencies, etc.)

Estimated results

Better understanding and an increased capacity of CSOs to implement the EU environmental policies and strategies; Strengthened cooperation between CSOs in the region and creation of a network of CSOs from the Western Balkans; Best practices and knowledge transferred from the EU to the region; Training materials and case studies elaborated and disseminated; Study tour organized and carried out.

Main activities

Situation and stakeholders’ analysis for selected pilot sites; Three workshops on implementation of EU environmental policies with a focus on conservation and sound use of natural resources; Training session for trainers on transferring EU conservation and rural development know-how to the Western Balkans; Elaboration of training materials with focus on the EU best conservation and sustainable development practices; Development of case studies for pilot sites in FYROM, MNE and SER focusing on sound management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation; Study tour for CSOs and stakeholders from pilot sites to exemplify good practices on nature conservation and sustainable rural development practices.