226305 BeEAMS energy efficiency

Contract nr: 226305

Project leader

ADOC – Associazione Difesa ed Orientamento Consumatori

Postal address

Via Lucullo 6, 0187 Rome Italy


+39-6-454 209 28


Mr Carlo Pileri

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“POTROŠAČ” – Društvo za zaštitu potrošača Hrvatske, Illica 48/1 Zagreb, Croatia

“APOS”- Asocijacija Potrosaca Srbije, Dr. Svetislava Kasapinovića 32, 6/32 Novi Sad , Serbia

TÜKETİCİ BİLİNCİNİ GELİŞTİRME DERNEGI, Rıhtım Cad. Çiçekçiler Çarşısı Girişi Kadıköy - Istanbul, Turkey

Total budget

EUR 349,840.00

EC Grant

EUR 278,822.48 (79.7%)



Objectives of the action

Overall objective: Boost energy efficiency, renewable energy and rational consumption, as well as energy consumers protection in aspiring Member States, encouraging the acceptance of European values and good practices. Specific objectives are : i) strengthen the cooperation among consumers Organisations and launch an information network on energy issue and energy consumers’ protection; ii) transfer of knowledge and good practices from Member States to aspiring Member States; iii) train consumers Organisations’ staff on energy issue; iv) foster information and awareness on energy efficiency, rational consumption and renewable energy among relevant stakeholders; v) advise relevant target groups on good practices and encourage a behavioural change toward sustainability; vi) propose a road map to the public authorities, to encourage them to foster energy efficiency and the enhancement of energy consumers’ rights.

Target group(s)

i) Consumers’ Organisations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey, and especially the project Partners; ii) Energy consumers, iii) Representatives from policy makers and local authorities (including energy providers), iv) Representatives from business/commercial stakeholders of: Tuzla Canton, Region of Zagreb, Vojvodina Province, Istanbul Province.

Final beneficiaries

i) Consumers’ organisations of aspiring Member States from Balkan area; ii) Energy consumers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey and other aspiring Member States; iii) Policy makers and public authorities (including energy providers) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey and other aspiring Member States; iv) Business/commercial stakeholders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey and other aspiring Member States.

Estimated results

a) Network of 5 consumers Organisations: potentialities to involve above 30 other consumers Organisations; b) Training of 13 staff units within the consumers’ organisations; c) Analysis of the state of art of energy sector and consumers protection in the 4 aspiring Member States involved; d) Common strategy to motivate local target groups toward the innovation of energy sector toward EU values and standards; e) Around 1000 people from the target groups involved in the public events (data to be intended for each Partner); f) Around 6.000-8.000 consumers reached with the information materials and around 10.000 consumers reached with the website in each Country involved in BeEAMS

Main activities

a) Interactive web-site; b) Questionnaires/Surveys/Monitoring activities; c) Workshops; d) Public conferences, seminars and events addressed to target groups; e) Publication of informative booklets, leaflets and audio-visual material