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IP7 Homeroom

Updated: Friday, March 13, 2015

Thank you to students and parents for a great 2014-15 school year.  Have a great break and see you next year!


Report cards will be available for you to pick up in IP7 on Tuesday, March 31, from 8:00 to 12:00


 Aj. Conrad's email  

 Aj. Conrad's phone 

 08 706 42733 
 Aj. Joe's email

 IS Office

 02 579 9606 


   2015 Finals Schedule  

Final exams will be held during normal daily class schedule for each subject.  For example, if math is normally held during period 1 on Wednesdays, then the math final will be period 1 on Wednesday.  


Updated: August 1, 2014

  Use of English   

Updated on August 1, 2014

  Smart Choices  

Updated: August 1, 2014


Newer or current assignments are in red



   Tell the number pages for read for the king
   Be ready for show and tell if you are scheduled
   English 1  

 Thursday: Sparks writing final
Do one Read Theory daily from Monday, January 12 through March 6. (54) 
 Journals entries should = 30

  Longer term assignments  

All journal assignments ('IP7 J' notebook)   

1.  Topic sentence
2.  Topic sentence
3.  Unforgettable dream
4.  Main idea of All American Slurp
5.  Ta Na E Ka questions, p. 15
6.  Junior Camp experience
7.  All American Slurp story summary
8.  Ember summary
9.  Qualities that make me special
10.I deserve a ___ in English for three good reasons.
11. Why we should not game the system  

Phantom Tollbooth

Read Theory 

Do one Read Theory exercise each day from January 12 through March 6. (54 points possible)

   English 2  

Aj. Michael's email:  michaelccarrano@gmail.com

Final Exam Schedule:
Thursday, Mar. 5:  Speaking

Friday, Mar. 6:  Speaking

Monday, Mar. 9:  Listening Exam

Tuesday, Mar. 10:  Perior 4: Reading Comprehension Exam
                            Period 5: Vocabulary Exam

Wednesday, Mar. 11:  Writing Exam 

Thursday, Mar. 12:  Re-exam Period

Speech/Other Projects:   

Journal Topic 1:  What you're most looking forward to this semester, and why?
Journal Topic 2:  Video Response - Thai Youth Soccer Team - Due on Friday, October 17th.
Journal Topic 3:  Video Response - Thai Feel Good Story - Due on Tuesday, October 21st.
Journal Topic 4:  Compare/Contrast - Nature versus Man-made - Due on Wednesday, October 22nd. 
Journal Topic 5:  Video Response - HeForShe Campaign - Due on Wednesday, October 29th.
Journal Topic 6:  Video Response - The Ultimate Question - Due on Wednesday, November 5th.
Journal Topic 7:  Video Response - Don't Judge a Book by its Cover
Journal Topic 8:  Senior Project Response
Journal Topic 9:  Christmas:  A Time for Giving - Due on Wednesday, November 19th.  
Journal Topic 10:  The Importance of Teamwork - Due on Friday, November 21st.
Journal Topic 11:  Video ResponseNever give Up - Due on Wednesday, December 3rd.
Journal Topic 12: Video Response - Bullying - Due on Tuesday, December 9th.
Journal Topic 13:  Free Response - Preparation for next speech topic - Due on Monday, December 15th.  
Journal Topic 14:  New Year's Resolutions 
Journal Topic 15:  Jane Elliott Experiment inspired by Dr. MLK Jr. - Due on Friday, January 16th.
Journal Topic 16:  State of the Union:  If you were going to become the president, what would be your first priority, and why?
Journal Topic 17:  Creative Writing corrections
Journal Topic 18:  New Motivation - What motivates you?
Journal Topic 19:  Do the right thing.
Journal Topic 20:  The Importance of Laughter
Journal Topic 21:  Free Topic (Due by Friday, March 13th)
Journal Topic 22:  Free Topic (Due by Friday, March 13th)


Read Theory:
(To log in, write your username with a space in between your first name and the first letter of your last name)

Each student must complete complete at least 1 quiz, 3 days each week.  Plus, complete two quizzes over the weekend.  

Total = 5 Read Theory quizzes each week



  Prepare for final
      Math 2   

  Review for final


   - งานสรุปภาษาไทย(คะเเนนช่วย)


- งานกลุ่มเสนอคาบหน้า
   Social St.  

  Thursday: Final Exam 1

 Final review questionsView Download 

 Prepare for final on Thursday and Friday

 Current events presentations are finished!  
 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri




Radio Show

 Radio Show Topics 2014.doc    View Download
 Radio is finished!  

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 


  Transportation mindmap

   *Japanese summative on Monday 


  -งานในหนังสือ หน้า28,29,30 ส่งวันพรุ่งนี้






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