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Please check the dates on each individual subject to make sure that they are up to date. Each subject has an Updated on: date.  

Students will need to carefully write daily homework assignments in their homework notebooks.  


 Field trip to Muang Boran on Friday, Jan 22.  Please return permission slips as soon as possible.  

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   English 1  

 Updated on: Friday, January 15
 Vocab 6 quiz 1 on Monday
 Grammar Monday: complex sentences using: if, since, though
 Sparks ch. 3, 4, town meeting writing quiz and quick quiz on Monday
 Journal topics for the week: 
    1. Describe a time when you learned something from a friend.
    2. Describe a time when you gave someone good advice that helped them in some way. 
    3.  All American summary
    4.  What three things would you pack in you suitcase if you had to leave your home forever?
    5.  What three things would you change if you were principal for a week?  
    6.  Three reasons why you should not break a promise.
Do you think you are treated differently because you are a boy or girl? 3 ways.  

    Phantom writing test on Friday

 Read Theory three times this week

All journal assignments ('IP7 J' notebook) 

 1.  Importance of language
 2.  Adapting to a new culture
 3.  Is it better to have just one culture in a country or many? (due Monday, Nov 9)
 4.  Can several different cultures exist peacefully within a country?(due Monday Nov 9)    
 5.  What is the best way to learn a language.  3 reasons. Due Mon Nov 16
 6.  What is the best way to get what you want from your parents.  3 reasons why this is the best           way. Due Mon Nov 16
 7.  Describe a time when you were embarrassed by your family or someone in your family.
 8.  Describe the three most important tools in your life. Give three reasons why they are important 
      to you.  
 9.  Describe a time when you learned something from a friend.
10. Describe a time when you gave someone good advice that helped them in some way. 

November 30 - December 7:

11. What would you pack in your suitcase if you could not go home again?
12. What if you were named principal for the week?  What 3 things would you do?
13. All American summary
Read Theory ddf

You need to do three Read Theory units each week, Monday-Sunday, on three different days. Read Theory points are included in the English grade. Your passwords and usernames are in your boxes

   English 2  

Updated on: Tuesday, February 9.

Aj. Michael's email:  michaelccarrano@gmail.com     

*new items are shown in red

CE Skills:
1. Autobiography: finished
2. Informative Speeches: finished
3. Types of Speeches quiz finished
4. Dragon, Dragon finished
5. Persuasive Speech:
Your topic will come from your journal 13.
You must have your note cards ready for rehearsal on Friday, February 12.
Persuasive speeches will be presented on Monday, February 15.

Personal grammar list (finished)
Topic Sentence worksheet (finished)
"Find compound sentences" activity (finished)
Grammar PowerPoint notes (finished)
Find various quotations activity (finished)
Modal verb activity (finished)
Idiom worksheet due on Wednesday, February 10.

Journal 10: Trees and People
Journal 11: Wish List
Journal 12: Use your New Year's Resolution worksheet to help you write a journal about one or more of your goals for this year. You need to also use one of the transitions and conclusions below:
"All in all" - conclusion
"In the end" - conclusion
"To put it simply" - transition
"Simply put" - transition
Journal 13: What is the most exciting topic you have learned about this year?
What topic do you wish you would have learned about this year? Why?
Journal 14: Use the 5 idioms that you used to complete the worksheet to write your journal. Your journal should be a real or fictional story using the 5 idioms in context. Do not write the meaning of the idioms in your journal. Due Wednesday, February 10.
The People of Sparks(finished) 
The Phanton Tollbooth:
Chapters 11-15 quiz on Tuesday, February 9.

Reading Comprehension:
Questions 2,4, and 6 following the story The Stone (finished)
Questions 1-4, 6, 8 following the story Zlateh the Goat (finished)
Questions 1-6, 9 following the story What do Fish Have to do With Anything?
"Information tracker" chapters 1-5 of The Phantom Tollbooth (finished)
"Information tracker" chapters 6-10 of The Phantom Tollbooth (finished)
"Information tracker" chapters 11-15 of The Phantom Tollbooth (due Monday, February 8)


The Stone: finished
Zlateh the Goat: finished
Dragon, Dragon: finished
What do Fish Have to do with Anything?: finished
All Summer in a Day:
Vocabulary "Retest" sentences due Monday, February 8.


 Updated on: Friday Jan 15
      Math 2   

 Updated on:  Wednesday Jan 15
 Worksheet 4 questions
-เขียนนิทาน ๕ เรื่อง(เรื่องละ 10 บรรทัด)

Updated on:  
   Social St.  

 Updated on: Friday Jan 15  

 Finish the 'Mon' sheet for discussion on Monday


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 Updated on:  Wednesday Jan 13
  Carrot group bring three more

 Updated on:  Wednesday Jan 13
 Dictation on Monday


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