You cant freaking blog on your Google sites with iphone!

posted Jan 8, 2011, 9:44 PM by io Wint
I was just watching Wallstreet(2010) yesterday and wanted to blog something I inferred from it about the end of the world! on my Google sites rather updating my FB status (just for the obvious reason!). But guess wat? i couldnt freaking do it. 
i was able to type my heading for the blog post but not the content.. the iphones KBD didnt popup. i was pretty sure its some issue with the markup. Either iphone didnt recognize a text <INPUT> element or it was something way big for the safari browser to handle! I bloody hell dont own a ipad, some one who owns it can check it. Or may be next time i go to bestbuy or Apple Store i will check it myself!! :P ;)
Since i was lil drunk n was too much in to the movie, i left th thought of blogging and continued the movie. Just got time in the morning to check wat was freaking wrong with the whole thing not working yesterday.. 

I was just inspecting the DOM and just found
 >earlier i was able to type the heading because it was a INPUT element inside a <H3> 
 >but the place where i write the content is a DIV region which gets rich formatting only on high end browsers.. 

Now whom do we blame 
1. iphone's safari for not being clever enough to understand the HTML markup which was on the page -> it was div rather a input box! 
2. or Google for not creating a mobile compatible site TAT TOO an iphone incompatible site!! holy crap! :X :P