win32 calls far away frm ma comfort zone!?! not any more!!

posted Jun 26, 2010, 9:07 AM by io Wint
its true win32 calls is not with in ma comfort zone! i am not tat fluent with vc++ programming am a and c# guy! okay i did scratch the surface of c, c++ , vb6.0 and LOGO ( 3rd std!! :P ) but the point is now am so cool with the .net world. Even a teeny weeny unmanaged win32 call looks as weird as writing a Java code to me :P ;) 
couple of times i had bumped into the site pinvoke while trying to figure out how to make a native call.. the site is quite gud. recently found they hav a VSTS add in. i am not an admin in ma office system! :( (darn i dont work in a prod dev company to test any damn thing i want during ma office hours) so i got to try things which i feel like trying @ ma personal time @ home! ;) Wil blog later about this addin, after i mess around with it ;)

wokaiii i get it, all u think is how on earth did i suddenly think about giving a shot at this darn addin on a saturday evening?!?! well tats the after effect in the neural pathways in ma brain after watching the JavaZone - Java For ever trailer -->   :P ;)