Wifi router with dual band - 5ghz!

posted Mar 21, 2011, 9:28 PM by io Wint   [ updated Apr 21, 2011, 12:17 PM ]
You go to get your wifi router with the dual band capability which can handle the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz spectrum! there aint any good in having the laptop or a macbook pro which supports a 5ghz 802.11n network but being useless in a wifi network which got slowed due to a old lappy or your iphone or ps3 connected to ur wireless network. 

Its like if the wifi router supports just one band, then it got to switch to the frequency which is supported by all the connected devices. Say you have macbook pro which supports 5ghz n and 2.4ghz abgn. Now lets bring in a crappy toshiba M300 ( toshiba is gud, but i jus hate the M300 which ma company forced on me :( ). 
lets say M300 can connect only on the 2.4ghz b! now the wifi router should bring down the entire network to 2.4b! The sufferer is just U (the macbuk pro, but its u who is gona whine! :P ) We remember this in a practical way, when we used to play counter strike during college days, we would never let the compaq crappy laptop guys to join the Wifi network, we would force them in to LAN! :P 

Well, i just go my airport extreme base station and my internet is pretty fast! I havent changed my provider, its still COX but the change in the wifi network router has made a lot of difference!  As i earlier had the old belkin which is perfect for a router to share internet but it doesnt really help me with lots of devices at home. back in india it was a rockstar with my internet being just 712kbps and the devices connected to it being just my laptop! but now i thought i better get my Airport Extreme base station to help me create a wireless network which can have all ma devices in a harmony! 

Go get yours dual band N router now! Happy Wifi-ing!