why not have an app to kill/close app/browser tabs!

posted Jul 6, 2011, 3:34 PM by io Wint
this thing has been on ma thoughts for a couple of days! (not sure when i wil spend time to implement it - well, business as usual)
it all started with me having a desire to have an app in iphone to kill the applications that are open! 
Well thinking more about it, i was trying to name th app as "iKillEmAll" which eventually led me to the thought of having a Chrome app which could be as simple as tabs lined up in some order to be shot using a gun, well i jus wanted to translate the stupid act of closing tabs in to a game! 

Then i realized i could redefine mine sweeper , the idea here would be to blast more mines translating to ur tabs being killed/closed! 

Well i was jus thinking about how to make/translate the mundane task of closing/killing apps/tabs/<anything> into a game!