Where to find the google Bookmarks Javascript button!

posted Jun 9, 2010, 7:20 AM by io Wint
I have been using Google bookmarks and google lists quite a while! the thing is its difficult for ppl to get the Javascript toolbar button to get them going with the Google bookmarks.. Infact its damn easy to get the Google toolbar for your browser! Oh plzz i dont want a Toolbar which is too heavy on ma "already trying hard to outsmart others! " browser -> IE! ;)
do a google search for "google bookmarks" go to the Google bookmarks site.


then click the "Add bookmark" link to the left.. then you get the page to fill data to create a book mark, when you look to the right of the page you find the "Add Bookmark" button. Drag that to your Browsers toolbar and thats it, you are good to go adding Bookmarks when you need!

There is something new called the Google lists.. which is truly experimental.. and all that means is -> they might pull the plug any time! its something like a Google BUZZ with just URLs!  you can categorize the URLs you bookmark and you can share with others.. and follow others Google lists too.