Two things i loved doing last week!

posted Aug 29, 2010, 9:37 AM by io Wint
YEppppp its so true it was just two things fr which i used ma brain al by myself rather my calendar entry Asking me to do so ;)
we have a pile of asp pages to get migrated. Last time i ran my tool to find the duplicate among code! i got an awesome score of duplicates! Bad part is we cant reduce the duplicates in the converted code, all we can do is dont migrate again n again but use it in as many places due to some weird restrictions which doesnt get classified to be mentioned over here :)
BTW getting back to wat i did last week.. i was pretty sure that there were many asp pages which dont get called. How do we confirm it! i just rememberd the Bourne Supremacy dialog... "I wana know wher all she slept fr the last <number> months" Every time i do a find all reference of a component, tats the dialog which gets said in ma head :P ;) Okay now i wanted to find which asp page didnt get to sleep with! sounds creepy but thats the truth. 

i wanted to do a perfect logic of considering page getting used in the same folder with just the name and in any other folder with respective virtual based naming! but i ended up doing a quick logic , considering that my pages did have unique name on a 0.9 prob, of checking if the asp file has been called out else where using its name in our code base. The real catch was i was able to tell an asp page wasnt related to any one in my perspective.. what if the page which called it is not under our scope of migration. Well that question remained open!

the other task was the modified version of the above.. since we gonna migrate slowly.. there are asp pages referring to other asp pages which may not get migrated soon. or on the other hand there may be few asp pages which needs to point to the latest aspx pages which got migrated! For that we ended up finding all possible asp pages which get accessed based on their virtual directories.. 

so thats it, two interesting things for the week. for rest other classified comedy you got to work along with me and should have had signed the NDA :P ;)  happy weekend! ( whom am i wishing here... i dont know who reads my articles.. bt its gud to wish as if millions of ppl r reading mine :P ) ;)