Too much activism in India

posted Aug 24, 2011, 6:47 PM by io Wint
Recently am hearing too much activism against corruption in India! I dont support them blindly, but i would like a corruption free nation like any one else. But i am a realistic guy just blindly forcing government into passing a law with out much of logical meetings and resolution will not help in the long run! 

Anyways couple of ma frnds had shared this youtube video of Indias achievements in corruption! Frankly i dont know if its correct, still on the assumption those numbers are right i went ahead with my experiment..  it took me a while to note down all the values and visualize it as a chart! well i have never handled numbers with so many zeros! took me a while to carefully count the zeros n enter! though i could have fixed the scale to billion, i wanted to see how tough it was to enter all the zeros! the irony, few who made those scam never know how many zeros are there in a crore! but they can ASK for a crore or lakhs  ! OMG!  

I wish i had made a better graph! :P

Anyways if any one is interested in making a better graph , this is the list of values - to the best of my knowledge based on me watching the video n pausing it each time :P

1948Jeep Purchase8000000.00
1956BHU Funds5000000.00
1957Mundhra Scandal12000000.00
1960Teja Loans220000000.00
1976Kuo Oil Deal22000000.00
1987HDW Commissions200000000.00
1987Bofors Pay Off650000000.00
1989ST KITTS Forgery94500000.00
1990Air Bus Scandal25000000.00
1992Securities Scam50000000000.00
1992Indian Bank Rip Off13000000000.00
1994Sugar Import6500000000.00
1995JMM Bribes12000000.00
1996In a Pickle1000000.00
1996Fodder Scam9500000000.00
1997CRB Scams10000000000.00
2001Stock Market Scam1150000000000.00
2003Stamp Paper Scam300000000000.00
2005Scorpene Submarine scam189780000000.00
2008Ali Khan tax Default500000000000.00
2008The Satyam Scam100000000000.00
20082-G Spectrum Scam1760000000000.00
2009Rice Export Scam25000000000.00
2009Orissa Mine Scam70000000000.00
2010Common Wealth Games Scam400000000000.00
N i actually wanted to compare that graph with the GDP graph of india.. Google gave a graph, it didnt give the numbers for me to have a single chart comparing two sets of values! well i was lazy enough to read that too n plot again! if any one is interested plz go ahead! ;) 

As usual the first question i got while i saw the Rounded figure on each scam is! WHO HELPED to Round these figures, the investigators :P ? Or were our scammers intelligent enough to ask for round figures! God only Knows! 

Anyways, let me go back n watch sometv n get some sleep!