now i get why my frnd was angry @ me! :P

posted Dec 12, 2010, 9:30 PM by io Wint   [ updated Dec 12, 2010, 10:15 PM ]
It was all of a sudden ma frnd asked whether i had enabled MAC filter in ma router or whether i had changed the password! bt then i was so sure i didnt do anything ( of course i did experiment earlier few things to find ways to keep me alive on the damn slow COX internet we have :P Oh forgot to say:inspite of the slow under promised COX internet, its just that we share internet with our frnds next door as their router CISCO LInks Refurbished is one hell of a mess! :P)

This particular frnd jus left back to India... and her laptop was given to my old frnd... After i had formatted the lappy i had difficulty configuring it! i was clueless.. It was in acquiring Address and bam nothing else happened. Every time all i got was a message saying "windows was unable to find a security certificate to log you in to the network". I did google nothing was tat helpful. 

Then i was jus going through my all wifi routers settings which i had modified recently.. Then after couple of minutes of DejaVu, i just remembered me changing the wireless security to "WPA2-PSK". Bingo i reverted it back to "WPA-PSK", and WALA things started to work. 

Did i mention ma frnds lappy was having a windows -xp ( not sure of the SP, need to check it! ) all other systems which adapted to the changes were Win7/Vista. 

Now i reverted back the securtiy to "WPA-PSK" and th win-XP started to work leaving the Win7 bleeding.. Was forced to remove wifi network and reconnect to ma wireless n/w. 

After all, now i have one more possible solution for "windows was unable to find a security certificate to log you in to the network" Thats worth a blog! Wat say!? ;)


P.S. Am sorry! for depriving ur lappy a net access :P ;)