Making the Social Network More Realistic

posted Nov 2, 2010, 7:13 PM by io Wint
I almost have a feeling that i have blogged about it! but then why assume, when i have few minutes to type it again on ma blog. Its my thought process that the Social Networking sites got to be more Realistic. Say like in real world i can ignore some one, i neednt pay attention to few things said by some one. I will be more bothered about a person, or a gal. IF its about a hot single gal I really am all ears and eyes. And for others i have an attention span of less than few seconds. 
I really wish to mash it up and plug it in to our Social network sites. I want it to show me , get me updates about, help me ignore things/ppl based on my character OR Social life on the internet. 
I really dont like some one pinging me on the IM all the time. They need to pass through the Virtual Reality Layer which mimics my logical reasoning and thinking to get me wat I want! this can never be made for each one seperate! then its gona be Make ur Linux for ur kid competition. Nope, this is going to be something which initially allows all /blocks all ( depends on the coder :P) to finally fine tune and sync to ur needs. 
I have never studied in dept Neural n/w but i dont wanna completely base this on Neural n/ws either! 

Its my grave desire to have a damn thing plugged into all Online social networks i have! 

P.S I am least bothered to redraft it. i have never bothered to even proof read it. just to retain it as a Thinking loud process.