Magic number to divide the vb6.0 size to get the .net size

posted Jun 25, 2010, 5:47 AM by io Wint
Some time back remember me dividing the Vb6.0 controls size by "A number" to get the .net size.. Today i tried hard to recollect that number just that i had to resize a .net control to the same size of its vb6.0 control in the migrated solution for a production fix..
I asked ma frnds about this magic number.. few said its 17, few others said its15! 15 had more votes than others! ;)

then landed on this article of converting vb6.0 twips to .net pixels :)
"Sizes in VB6 were expressed in twips, VB.NET uses pixels.  Just divide all VB6 sizes by 15 to get the size in pixels.  You can't make a form larger than the screen."

Thought to blog about it so that i would remember about this "Magic Number 15"!! and help google & bing search engines to give a better result for some one searching for the same!