Localization tool i had created - resToResx.exe

posted May 11, 2011, 10:22 AM by io Wint
I believe i had posted a while back about a tool which i had created, well i havnt blogged the exact details of it explaining it in detail. Well neither i have time today to explain about it! But i just wanted to mention about the resToResx.exe which i use in it. ( Its a .net tool which deals with the resx files through a ResourceReader and ResourceWriter, so now u get why i am talking all about .res to .resx!?! ;) )

NEWS: my new reengineering project which i am going to be part of too uses the Localization in similar lines with my TWO other earlier projects. Its an application from the same department so no wonder they all have the same pattern! ;)  Which means, i have all the right to pitch in and get things ready for others and make their life simple! ;)  And am right on it!

i was asked to do something today, like setting up the common classes for the Services side. and i just realized there could be some custom messages that might be sent back to the UI and assuming they get fetched from the Localization dll of the old time ( they are nothing but string tables in a .res file) i thought lets get the resx files generated form the .res files.

Its kindah surprise for me, there is aint any official documentation for the resToResx.exe which comes as part of the Visual Studio. I remember the initial days when i way running head over heals to parse the content of the .res files, i had my gut saying " well if the Visual studio can do a Auto migration converting a vb6.0 to .net ( of course with few errors) then there got to be some out of the box support to convert these .res to resx! " and i was right !

with my earlier searches ( i think now it almost more than a year, i barely remember what all web sites i had visited to get this information or wat all i did to luk like a dexter to get this) BUT the point is, now i am unable to find the resToREsx.exe in my lappy which has the Visual studio 2010 installed.
i could see it in my other system which has lots of VSTS versions ( it has 2k3, 2005, 2008, 2010 yeah i know i am geek :P  NOt tat i had installed its my Virtual machine which comes equipped with all versions of VSTS as i am .net developer :P :) )

The path where i have the resToResx.exe in my virtual machine is c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\vb\vbupgrade\resToResx.exe

you invoke this in the command prompt, you wil get to know that u need to pass the .res file as the first parameter then a space then the folder where you want the .resx created to be placed!

Hopefully google takes my article and helps some one who is gonna break their head in converting a .res to a .resx!

P.S. considering there wasnt a resToREsx.exe as part of the Visual Studio 2010 i thought devenv.exe comes with the capability to convert .res to a .resx through a Save As! Darn! no!!! i dont know how the VSTS 2010 supports a conversion, or whether it supports at all!! some one from VSTS team can answer this better :)

-Happy Programming