keep track of ur fav tv shows online!

posted Nov 20, 2010, 2:24 PM by io Wint
i always wanted to keep track of my online tv shows! i wanted it more automated than wat could be EASILY done with the current technology( wat the hell only Avatar Director can say that technology was inferior for him to get wat he wanted!! even i could say manh! :P  i did write EASILY! :P ) 
Wanted to develop a torrent tracker fr my fav shows! bt considering the recent change in the lat long of my geo location i am more into respecting privacy laws based on various parameters ( law!, cost of living, affordability and the T3 T5 internet line! :P bla bla bla) 
just bumped into the side reels new feature, check it out urself. need to check if its of any good! tho not matching ma imagination, it should atleast be of some help!! ;)