IE addons slow!?!?!

posted Feb 2, 2011, 10:05 PM by io Wint
Every time i open the IE 9 Beta, i get a lil annoyed with a bottom information bar coming up saying there are addons which create the delay do you wana rip their ass? And the worse part, this information bar too takes time! Thats crazy! 
i was wondering how to disable it. it had by default -> Disable Addons and Ask me later button. But it was unfortunate they didnt put the usual "Forget about it, am least bothered dont trouble me" button! Crap!

Today i had enough time to say, lets disable the Addons- bring it on! When i opened it i was surprised in seeing IE being honest, after all the crap brought on Bing Search optimization from Google results :P ;) Microsoft Search helper taking more time than other addons!! hmmm Guys do something about it, else you wont get ur/my Search optimized if everyone disables it as i did now ( as prompted by your own code :P ) ;) tat was funny! 

Then along with all this, i also found a way to ask it to shut up! that is to configure it to notify me only when some addon is slower than a higher value say 2 secs ( default i guess its .2 , i am not sure! i lost it)