How many more issues shall i find with the HULU updates?

posted Jan 27, 2011, 8:31 PM by io Wint
First time i saw the Hulu updates feature i thought to myself " oh manh this is gonna solve all ma trouble in remembering what to watch, when a new release has come" bla bla bla! But guess what! It also ended up being the most annoying feature. 

After you click "Subscribe" button it goes green saying you are gonna get your updates. But then next time you visit the same TV shows web page, TADA!!! you dont see it green! what the heck does it mean?!?! my previous save has gone crap? am i supposed to click again! MORONS! And added to all this i dont have a page where i can track all my subscribed Shows. ( even if it has been there, then its not usable for me to find it!)

On top of all that the next blunder is on the mail format! me being so much interested had created a gmail filter for hulu updates. Guess what the hell i see on ma bloody high resolution WIDE Screen monitor, when i get mails from HULU updates. Look for it urself

Do you find anything important by just gazing @ it? I dont. I had to click open! n god damn it i dont have Gmail feature to have a view pane! And i havent created a grease monkey script to modify the headings either!

you know wat HULU, if i click open your damn update to find something of less important or i am compelled not to immediately watch an important one, i am gonna miss your update because now its marked read! it takes a more actions ->mark as unread .. to save ma important update for future. 

being through this, all i ask to myself is ---> hasnt one guy who developed the subscribe feature, really subscribes to hulu updates to face the usability issue himself?!!?! No beuno !  Sometimes going ahead with employee stock option alone is not gonna help your company, <you know wat i try to say here.. y type it.........................>