Guess came true JUST to an extent!

posted Sep 5, 2010, 1:33 AM by io Wint
Opened netflix site in ma google chrome and as usual it didnt render all the images.. nothing new, its the usual problem.. but then with a slightest hope i wanted to check any available updates for Chrome. Wala there was one update.. Did th update then restarted the browser to view the netflix. Fingers crossed was waiting for chrome to render every damn image on the screen. Having passed ma test! Then i thought Next stress test for chrome would be Naah just checked, it FAILED blatantly for tat site.. As Every one knows thats one of the heaviest site w.r.t images (atleast in my books!) and its the typical test scenario to test against a browser rendering all possible images! Still no one does it!? pheeeeew! 

Other thing which totally annoys me is the fact when your frnds send you lots of photos in one mail and your browser just cracks open after rendering very few images. Repeated F5 to get to view things is real PAIN IN THE neck! :X :X  

P.S IE8 is not rendering all the images of but its way better when compared to chrome in rendering the images!