First two weeks with my new Mac! - Thumbnail buttons , jump lists - miss them most

posted Mar 14, 2011, 8:37 PM by io Wint
From my first two weeks of macbook usage i got to say i am liking few of the features. the top most features i miss in my mac osX having been from the windows world are

0. Windows+L! God damn it i wanna lock my system before i walk out! before i leave ma precious data! hell its mandatory to lock ur system when you leave away from it, dude!!! This seems something which i dont really find any good way to do with retaining my SSL remote connection through Citrix! i did find some apps in the Apple store but i dont think any of them gives all you enjoyed in the Windows+L world!!! 
P.S. I havent set things to trigger the Screen saver with password, may be i should try n blog about it too!

1.Thumbnail buttons ( its something new to windows 7, still it has got this spot just because how user friendly its! say you wanna pause the windows media player song! you really dont expect me to GO TO the app and click a pause button on it! Mac has the properties option on its iTunes; but the Thumbnail button beats it hands down!)

2. Jumplists! in a way i miss them. Not much of apps in the osX use this feature extensively. 

3. I prefer organizing my contents in folders! Hello i am Windows guy first of all! So here getting used to finder seems different! so i got to say i miss the Explorer!

So far this is all i could think of! :) Soon i would blog on things which i love in the Mac OSx! I am just being a humble end user of the two worlds :P :)