Driving in USA!

posted Dec 25, 2010, 9:40 PM by io Wint
I am new to driving on the US roads.. I am learning ofcourse! bt then i did drive better until tonyts stupidest mistake! having made a mistake @ a particular point on the road i was trying to use the Google maps to find the place again.. { Coz i cant go out wit a torch nor i can trouble ma frnds to come along wit me! ( yepp, i jus have a instruction permit now! ) } AND BAM I DID find one issue with the Street view! Just for the obvious fact i made a mistake on the lane perspective, i found this!
HAve you guys ever noticed that Google maps SHOWS LANE wrongly?! The below figure is to drive towards a point, and the blue LINE with Arrows is TOWARD the LEFT Side! i.e its asking us to go on left! I cant make myself believe that its a feature and it shows so with Vehicles removed on the other track! i feel its a bug! at least thinking so makes me laugh considering the fact i did a mistake too :P ;)

Merry Xmas! Will drive again through that point to get used to driving! Lets hope i drive perfect ;)


P.S. the picture shown is not the place i error'd Just givin ma Attorney a point to argue with, Just incase! :P ;)