Did you check out the "Also include" feature in Gmail! WOWOWOW :)

posted Apr 23, 2011, 5:05 PM by io Wint
WOWOWOWOW that was awesome Google!! i luv the new feature you just introduced in Gmail! Well i might be ignorant about the dozen new features you introduced recently but i am particularly talking about the "Also include" feature in Gmail!! ;) 

How recent did you guys introduce it ( hmmmm well, i need to bing/Google on tat i guess :P ) any ways lets assume you just introduced it and lets praise ma attention to details here! :P ;) 

But then its AWESOME!! of course i might be sharing few things among few chosen folks and that would be in clusters! And it would result in some nice patterns! have em data mined to show up on the Screen as suggestions, when i am about to send an email to just one frnd in that group is freaking awesome :) Saves Time and makes emailing more fun! Overall it brings a better user experience, well thats what i love to do ;) 

P.S. Last i admired you guys implementing the "Do you also wanna un subscribe from this post" ? on me marking a email SPAM which had a "Unsubscribe" link! ;)

Well my modified version to Steve Bammers version ( well i think he said so, i dont recollect exactly when and where he said it! anyways! ) of 
"The more time you spend with a problem statement the better your solution would be!",

is   "Its like dating a gal, the more time you spend the better you get to know her! The more you get to know her you could better address her, take care of her, well knowing better you can avoid future problems in all respect. Knowing better you can take the right decision of getting married with her ( i would say getting the problem to its implementation) or say the usual dialogue "You are too gud fr me :P " Save money/time/effort and call it off on the Project management front! ;) 

Anyways here is the sneak peak of the new feature! i just tried to compose an email to one of ma frnd, to get few of my other friends listed. i had abstracted their email address and part of their names ;) Just in case! u know :P i know it aint so clean, But PRIVACY!! ;) Will let the google engineers do a nice video with beautiful images ;)