Currently what i want my system to do for me

posted Dec 12, 2010, 9:33 AM by io Wint   [ updated Dec 12, 2010, 10:18 PM ]
Its like not tat am doing paradigm changing daily work.. still am busy some times with nothing.. but considering i have the spirit to do something, few things have been rattling in ma head..
i would like my system ( wat ever gadget i own) to do few things for me. 
1. while parking i would like to know where is the next empty spot 
     I did try ma hands on a syma helicopter, man its awesome fr the bucks i paid. i was thinking how cool it would be, tat ( am not tat rich or am not from a FBI developer to use a realtime satellite image :P so considering who i am ;) ) i wanted ma helicopter to jump off ma car and scan the parking lot and give me the next available spot! 
    i even wish the parking lots cameras are used to monitor free spots, along with their activity of keeping off the criminals / crimes!

2. i would like to attend my phone call seamlessly from ma bedroom, restroom, any damn place @ my home.. i hate to carry ma phone.. i wish it follows me.  i would name the algorithm which does this in action as the "STALKER algorithm"

3. i want my bloody system to know its tooo late for its boss to be awake and shut the fuck up on the seconday monitor, and if no processing happening to go on idle state or atleast turn off its monitor ( check for my presence through the web cam! tat would be awesome)

4. i want my bloody phone to connect to my conference bridge either through the google voice triggered from ma desktop on the calendar event popping out from the google calendar! i want it to dial the bridge, enter the passcode, say ma name and put me on mute..seamlessly.. this should save me a lots!

5. i want my laptop identifying me through the idle hd webcam i have it on it. and i would like to push the applications to secondary screens through some gestures.. i would also like it to maximize the screen by image processing and clicking the bloody full screen icon, when i am far away from the screen and if the application is stupid enough to lose its focus due to a click some where else on the screen / or watever might be the reason! 

6. i want it to turn off my GE wireless home lights automatically when i sleep, turn it on when i start moving out of my bed. 

7. i want a geo tagged TO DO lists.. i have already blogged about it. 

i just thought i shall jot it down, before i forget or some one implements! these are my bloody wishes.. solving / implemeting any one of them would make me smile a lil 

(P.S. written as i think.. not redrafted or proof read! )