Bought a new macbook pro! history of my research in the first few hours

posted Feb 26, 2011, 1:55 PM by io Wint
I just bought a new macbook pro, the right term would be i just got it delivered though i bought it yesterday :P ;) Though it took just few minutes to get the mac experience, but i had to search here and there, get in touch with ma frnd -Vasanth! (thanks dude :) ) to get to know the basic commands and windows equivalent to few basic things.. 

The one thing i had a problem was with the computers name and users name. I had nothing against apple picking my name as in the apple user id, but then its so correct and way lengthy! may be i could have had a thought in drafting it but then not sure if i doubted it changing my apple Developer id information i just left it. But after getting to use it, i started getting annoyed in seeing my full name in the user details while installing software and doing other things. Holy crap, took me little time to change my name in the System Preferences -> Accounts-> User Name in the window that pops up. 

Then i searched for xcode , the IDE which i wanted to give it a shot at. started downloading but then the COX so promised fast network was sucking big time. Then as ma frnd said i used the xcode present in the leopard os dvd which got shipped as part of the macbook pro. Got it installed but missed the new powerful start menu of Win7! Though i did search using the "Finder" i wasnt able to pin point the xcode exe ( i dont wat it is! i searched xcode.exe didnt get any result, doubt if exe is a right term in this mac world!) Took a google search to land on this awesome page used the terminal to kick off the xcode. but to all ma surprise the terminal had ma lengthy name suffixed with Macbook pro as my systems name! holy crap! then it took me another search to find this url  in changing my computer name! 

Uff finally am satisfied. (in having ma name abstracted from the macbook information :P )

The one thing which made me scared and weird feel is when i was able to see all the files (OS files too) in the "All documents" of the "Finder" crap, i was able to edit files, i dared not save and try ma luck! but then as much it was scary, i also had a feel that if i learn the iOS btr i can modify things to my need! Will it be easier to achieve ma desires in mac world?! aint sure! lets see

P.S. first blog post from my new macbook pro!