Bank of America AT&T and today skype @ walmart

posted Jul 27, 2010, 8:31 PM by io Wint   [ updated Apr 22, 2011, 3:38 PM ]
Yesterday had an issue with creating an account @ Bank of america! guess why!? its coz THOUGH their text box for entering the name allows you to enter my name with one character less, but still internally it expected still lesser characters! hence i had a waiting period of more than two hours and visiting BOA twice to get it done. anyways th female who helped me get it was so cool, she was pretty old but she was cracking awesome jokes than wat any one would expect out of her. 

Then later went to AT&T. since i am an ALIEN on land ;) i wont be able to get a postpaid connection until i get few important id proofs. Fine!!! i felt like prepaid card was wats left for me. Hence opted a AT&T pay as you go stuf.. the guy almost tried way many times trying to get my card activated but it seldom worked. Guy was so clever he made me believe that i could just do it by simply going online to the site as mentioned on the manual.. Came home and was baffled at the site. .No where i was asked to get activated by entering the SIM number, but i did it. then while entering the passcode as mentioned it said "Naah it aint the one! " Then thought why not say "forgot password" Bingo, i got a JSP null reference exception. Almost a day the page remained so. 

Pheeeeeeewww later went to walmart and got a Smart Talk connection. Guy said it wil get activated jus like tat. but it didnt happen.. we were so pizzed that we bought a lime!  our frnds were trying to call us, but they couldnt get connected. Then after atleast 20 min, i just took ma mobile and called ma frnd for a change to check if any magic happens! Guess what?!?!! it said select a language, and then ur phone is gud to go!!! ufffffff cant some one say us, than letting us break our head n knock ourself off!!

i didnt keep quiet after all this i ended up buying a skype prepaid card to call home. Back to the hotel tried visiting the site as mentioned in the prepaid card, guess waht i got the URL error saying the page u asked never ever existed u just lost ur money!! was damn pizzed, then tried googling "skype prepaid card" Bamm i got it nailed... 

so far it had been a lengthy stay in getting setted!! 

{P.S God i love find and fixing issues.. Jus make sure i am gud at doing it in the software dimension.. plzzz exclude ma lyf!!! :P ;)"