Back to who i was!

posted Mar 29, 2011, 2:54 PM by io Wint   [ updated Mar 29, 2011, 3:08 PM ]
Yepp, the roles and responsibilities of my work has changed again for good, just that i am into a new Project (its kindah different though ma designation is same, every time i get into a new project the roles and responsibilities change!!) and i believe it would be so for the next one year! Past SIX months i was overlooking the application migration, was responsible for deliverables and client interaction! Now i am back to what i was earlier, i.e. being closer to the code base and lots of Reference implementations, tools AKA utilities to ease development etc., Well it wouldnt be exactly same as it was earlier, Since back at offshore i was almost leading the team on technical front ( though not all decisions came from me, few did) but now being at onsite, i might have have to cease the opportunity to be creative ;)

anyways, to be frank getting back to use the Visual Studio through out the day ( hmm total usage of Four to Five hours per day! i surf n read for the rest of the time! ;) ) was really different on the FIRST day! Make a NOTE: a Break of SIX months from development/programming does matter!

I was asked to re engineer something  and not that i felt it would take more time due to me having more tasks at hand, i also happened to realize i wasnt at my usual speed! Manh a SIX months gap did make a difference for the first day! At the end of it, i was back to who i was! Now i am happy to say i am back to form!  ;)

Well, i just landed to these articles which i thought to share while i blogged... Yepp, i was on the design documentation for the new project and wanted to appreciate the decision on the Naming convention! ;)

Happy programming !