Any guys desire.. ma desire frm th day i had a sexy babe as ma wallpaper!

posted Jun 8, 2010, 11:38 AM by io Wint   [ updated Jun 8, 2010, 11:57 AM ]
every one customizes their system.. be it a wall paper or themes or startup windows sound.. every one has their own taste.. 
but the problem is when some one else wants to use ur system. 
th day i set a hot sexy babe as ma wall paper i had the thought which is still valid.. that is, when we logon why not give an option to load with NO WALLPAPER, infact since i have evolved i would like to rephrase it as.. 
  "while login one should also get an option to choose the theme!"

consider you have personalized your laptop so awesome that you dont want ur frnd / prof to look at it while login.. then bingo.. u can just select the
sober theme and login! its not that u are scared to show others who you are.. its just that u prefer not to get more attention. 

yeah u can give me an option of having another User account n use it to login.. thats possible.. n so lame.. wat if i had locked the system.. n ma awesome programs need ma attention.. we cant be considered geeks if we switch user accounts to just hide our desktop personalization from others!

the main reason i ended up rambling about ma thoughts on this is coz I just read an article which said changing logon wallpaper is easy or out of the box in win7, whereas we needed to hack in for earlier OS!  yeah so true.. but this out of the box thingy in win7 itself seems to need a registry visit! ARGh!!!   well my question is.. if things have evolved so much.. why not let us have a WPF web page or a silverlight page as the logon screen. okay IF thats realy awesome n too much to ask for, lots of Interfaces to expose n implement.. FINE!!! then let us have gadgets while log on itself!!! we wil achieve things that way ;)

if you are so scared to let us customize so much.. then atleast give few features like THEMES selection while logon.. many would thank u :P ;)