Amazon cloud player - give a feature to play on a specific cloud player of mine!

posted Apr 8, 2011, 9:44 AM by io Wint   [ updated Apr 21, 2011, 10:39 AM ]
So now the concept of cloud is like the data is in the cloud, so i dont have the song on my computer but its in the cloud.
Now i can have the songs played anywhere with a cloud player! Cool!

recently i was wondering if there is any other way to play songs to my music devices ( my devices: sony vaio, ps3, iphone, macbook : i am just mentioning devices which can have an application running on it with a descent computing power and connectivity to the internet ( hence skipping to mention things like ipod classic)

Now i was just into an idea of playing things in Cloud! that wouldnt make sense! i can store in Cloud but playing in cloud! well that would be like song being played in a data center! Well i wouldnt benefit out of it and my desire was to get the song played remotely with in my house!

What if the cloud player had a unique id and i could say i want the song in cloud to be played on this registered cloud player of mine! Well its pretty simple! the device should have cloud player , internet connectivity should be there and you should have that player registered to you! WALA, you got the wireless streaming of songs @ any corner of your house! is your home theater connected to your laptop then you can get the song play controlled from your iphone/WP7 from your couch!

Well, i can add feature list. Infact i would say Apple tv would be a ground breaking innovative device IF you let users share their screen on their big screen on WiFi! if you dont do that, then you aint having the right feature list and letting room for competition! U r just missing the huge user group who would just want to seamlessly stream data from their lappy to TV or from iphone to TV! Do this and you would rock the market! Well, thatts my personal opinion!