Amazon cloud Drive - Cloud Player!

posted Mar 29, 2011, 10:04 AM by io Wint
Well that was a nice move Amazon with the Cloud Drive and the cloud Player ! Its like the backend is cloud which you already have and you sell songs on your site along with many other things! Now it doesn't take a brain surgery to think of an idea to sell songs and let people manage it on the Cloud by selling em space in the Cloud! Oh did i mention you should have thought about a player to play the songs on cloud!! ;) But implementing it and making money out of it, takes more than just a thought !

i am pretty sure people would love it. Other than the freaking data charges involved in the transfer, rest seems perfect. But i am not sure how the data piracy experts gonna look at it. lets ignore them in this post!

i just created my free 5gb storage in Cloud, Thanks Cloud Drive! you got to try it out!!

BTW: Recently amazon has been coming up with Android market, Amazon videos and now this! thats quite much activity happening in the recent months ! Being a guy who would love to test and play with new things to see how good they are, amazon does keep me busy! Kudos!