Alas something happened after the Rapture day!

posted May 22, 2011, 10:39 AM by io Wint   [ updated May 22, 2011, 11:02 AM ]
finally something happened after the rapture day! the worlds most used social platform got an internal server error! well if FB, twitter, orkut and myspace all had got an Internal server error, i would have atleast given the the Rapture day believers lil credit! :P (yepp, i am part of the insensitive bastards group :P )

i started tweeting few years back, but thanks to NO social media sites allowed at workplace rule i dint find much time to say things in a delayed fashion. tweet should happen at that instant, you cannot come home have a tea and think of wat all happened during th day to tweet everything! hence i was very passive with tweeting!

but thanks to the iphone in ma hand which makes me read more , trust me i have been reading informative emails and web pages A LOT these days!, i have a chance to say or SCREAM or SHOUT OVER THE WALLS instantly! And as usual anything i do should lead to me finding bugs in it; all i wanted was to say something through my tweet and BAMN i get the internal server error. 

Twitter u have experienced many such issues recently, dont you think you need to look into FBs how to scale up and maintain your data stores document?!