24!! will miss ya

posted Apr 26, 2010, 5:50 AM by io Wint
I have been following 24 from its initial days.. guess i was in ma school days ;) n Keifer was lil younger too. it was one of the best tv series that had me glued to the chairs fr one solid hour. Has been instances where i had watched an entire season in a single day! Has been days where i had followed the series @ the time it says it happens.. i had watched a 2 am - 3am tv show from 2 am to 2.45 am may be :D ;)
I am excited about mondays just that i could get to watch 24! thanks to streaming sites.. i cant watch it after a year! watching it even a day after the american fans itself is too much! wish am @ US jus that i could watch lot of TV series directly streamed from the Fox site. :)

Now the tv series is gonna end in two more episodes am gonna miss it along with millions others! jus couldnt wait to see it as a movie. :)



If ma words could reach u Kiefer sutherland! u r such a gr8 actor.. u have millions of supporters :) u Rock! :) just wish to see u in some other Tv series! Go Jack Go!

And dont get stammered when the real Mr. President calls you to say "hii Jack Bauer!" i just wana witness that situation