143 refers "i love you", Well is there any other way to say the same?!

posted Apr 21, 2011, 9:42 AM by io Wint   [ updated Apr 21, 2011, 6:10 PM ]
Yesterday talking to one of ma frnd i got reminded of the old riddle which my maths staff had asked us during our 10th standard! Well he taught some nice maths but then i vividly remember this for a reason :P I searched this riddle on the internet and all i got was a web page with the question on it but with NO answer! So i thought i shall do some gud to the fav riddle of mine! (NOTE: i aint tat gr8 with riddles, other than the ones i create :P )

143 refers i love you. Well its aint theoretically clear. If u r a geek, at least some tym in lyf when u had read 143 you should have thought, some thing else too fits the description of 1 character then 4 character then 3 character! hi5 geeks! :P

well my maths staff's riddle was perfect, it goes like "Fifty before zero , five before E and this between you and me"

well now i have given so much information about it, if you cracked the riddle logically its still impressive! for others, no issues here is the explanation.
BTW who said we cant use th riddle, if we cant crack it! Knowing how to explain it would do! Well i did use it some time back ;) 

Riddle Blown apart:

Fifty -> Roman numeral is "L"
Zero-> i wil take it to be "0 or o"
Five-> Roman numeral is "V"
E ->take it as it is "E"

assembling the characters as they fall in the statement, you would get 
  1. L before 0 
  2. V before E, 
  3. and this refers "LOVE" (one and two together), is between you->"YOU/U" and me -> "I" ! 

So now you get: "I" "LOVE" "YOU/U"

Well i do remember the other riddle of his, "Why is Queen victorias bottom always wet?!" Dont even ask the answers we students came up with during the class. The answer is ....................... Guessed it?! -> coz she is a ship! :P ;)  


P.S. Thanks Olive gal, i wouldnt have written this if we havnt talked about ur blog! ;) In fact my maths staff would be proud of me! lol ;)