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Why do programmers work in the night?

posted Jun 21, 2014, 4:16 PM by io Wint

Well why do programmers program late in the night? One thing i know I just like it and thats how i have been right from the day i picked my Beginners guide to C.  More importantly i like to work in my own terms. My gal friend does ask me to match my sleep pattern in to a regular persons. Which is getting up at 8am and sleeping by 12am. I try! I used to work from India interacting with programmers in US. And now I moved to US and i have been working with offshore vendors in china. So it has always been working or expecting work done in the odd hours. 

This article is quite interesting read . And it is true staring at the bright screen disrupts your sleep pattern. 


bing powering OS X "yosemite"

posted Jun 3, 2014, 7:33 PM by io Wint

Thats a big win for bing. Personally having taken bingathon a dozen times and preferring google over bing, I still think its a great day for bing. First it has been five years since bing was launched and it has seen growth year on year for the last five years. Thats a win by itself. 

I dont like one tech giant to rule the search world. Google searches help me most of the time, that being said i am happy for bing. Especially i cant wait to try my hands on Cortana powered with bing.


Swift - new programming language from Apple

posted Jun 3, 2014, 3:05 AM by io Wint

I got to admit that I havent created a mobile app. Part of the reason was, I didnt want one more crappy app on the store. You need an app for something that makes sense to be an app. I hate websites, mostly the discussion forums, prompting you to install their app. Why would you do that when the the browser of the phone is more than capable of letting me access all their websites features? In my humble opinion your hello worlds neednt be surfacing in the app store. 

With that in mind, I started learning Objective C and it didnt go farther with my new job and language feature sets. Being used to .net I couldnt imagine how i would get well with the Objective C way of programming. For starters: invoking methods and passing parameters. have you ever looked how crazy it is to send multiple parameters to an Objective C method? Well i will give you a taste of it. 

.net            :             Method(param1, pram2);
Objective C :             [Method parameter1Name:Value parameter2Name:Value];

I know C but i havent been shipping production softwares on C, so i cant appreciate like many others why Objective C is far better than C. My production applications were all on .net framework. I learnt Java in college and I took pride in submitting my college assignments in .net. Glad my professors let me do that. 

Like each of you I do have few ideas for application development. But Objective C and few other constraints gated me from creating applications for iOS. Now having heard about Swift ( I am all curious about it. I cant wait to update my XCode to play with it, to make my opinion about the new programming language. Hope they have caught up to the latest and greatest available on different programming languages.

Happy programming

The laptop on your lap shapes your creativity

posted Dec 21, 2013, 5:20 PM by io Wint

I have been wondering what has happened to me in the last two years about the side projects i usually take up. I have been having so many interesting throughts as usual, i haven't got any patents though i believe my new employer has more support for it than my previous one. Still whats preventing me from expressing my imaginations into side projects? The answer from retrospective was very simple it was the mac on my lap, apart from any other psychological reasons that could be based on my work life. As much funny it can sound its the answer, the mac on my lap which i have been using for most time when i get back from office was channelizing my interests in different directions but not the way i wished. 

I read more emails from office, through OWA. I have been on fb, editing pictures, reading about so many things which i am sure i dont need to waste the KB or neurons in my head, banking and taking care of daily chores, imsg, skype and other ways to be in touch with friends and family. And surfing the dating sites, considering I am single on and off. So thats it, i dont have any Visual studio on my mac being a windows developer. I tried Xcode and iOS programming and it didnt go as expected with my interests and time. I dont have work related software to create side projects related to work and that pretty much says it. 

So as an experiment I am planning to let my beautiful mac, it has its merits and demerits lets not get into that now, sit on my coffee table And pick my work Lenovo X1 carbon and use it when i get back home. And the experiment has been a bit successful, i have already tried how to blog using github (unfortunately github needs jekeyll which needs mac :P) other than that I would say its getting me back to where I was to influence my thinking juices. Lets see how this experiment goes. 

So there it is, the one on your lap influences your future and for the rest of the world through your eyes.


Quick Retrospective 2013

posted Dec 21, 2013, 2:34 PM by io Wint

Got to say last year was filled with a professional achievement and 2013 was with maintaining it. Apart from that 2013 has also been time for some soul searching and soul mate searching. Now i pretty much know almost all the fancy restaurants in Seattle. I wouldnt be surprised if i got a call from Amex or BoA if i stopped going to date nights for a month. lol

Also I found i need to get back to spending time to improve myself. The job responsibilities have changed this year, I am solving problems which were once solved for me by guys up in the ladder; which is interesting and has opened room for more thoughts. 

something that came across me was i havent been blogging or contributing to the internet apart from reading about stuff all the time. Time to change it, something to look forward in 2014...


pulled the plug on the google 2-Step verification

posted Feb 4, 2012, 9:25 PM by io Wint   [ updated Mar 1, 2012, 10:53 PM ]

Yepp i just pulled the plug on my google 2-step verification. Not a great thing to blog ( well i know i am not a big shot to have ppl constantly trying to hack my account, kindah security threat to blog this i believe) 

The problem with the 2-step verification is it wasnt really usable when you have so many apps in so many devices. And i really didnt like to go through all the trouble to paste the number from my iphone. Well finding the iphone when i am the middle of something on a computer was too much to ask for. And while getting 2 step authenticated with in iPhone the Google Authenticator doesnt have a copy paste! Come on guys you can do better! 

So thats the end of the 2-step Verification. At least for a while. 

P.S. a blog this way after almost 4 or 5 months. Few things kept me busy. Things havnt settled yet. Waiting for it to end well for me to blog in detail. Amen!

My Review about the Indian Restaurants in Bentonville, AR - 72712

posted Jan 7, 2012, 1:28 PM by io Wint

Disclaimer: No one paid me to write this. Thought there are lots of Americans who dont get the right review to really taste and enjoy the local indian food. So here is my write up on the Indian Restaurants in Bentonville, AR - 72712. If things change and if i get time i will try to keep this article up to date. 

Well i am quite a foody but still nothing when compared to few of my friends! Being an Indian and having had Indian food fr the past 25 years I can say i am quite an authority to rate the Indian Restaurants in Bentonville, AR 72712. Its true i havent tasted all the food varieties in India. Come on you got to accept thats fair, after all India is a huge country with vast population n culture which results in So many food varieties! To be frank the food you get served in the American Indian Restaurants, yes tats the right term, is limited and I have tasted 90% of them back in India. 

There are couple of restaurants in Bentonville, AR - 72712 but none of them here is the best. Unfortunately thats a sad truth! 

Aroma , the Pakistani Indian Cuisine is good for its Briyani , Chicken Kurma , Chicken Tikka , Samosa, Raita and its Bread. But it doesnt have a lot of great Ambience which you would expect for a nice evening date. Chutneys is descent. I prefer their Buffet over "Indian Orchard", another local restaurant. To me Indian Orchards food is not the same all the time. Some times its really great and other times dont even bother asking me about the stomach upset i had due to its uncooked meat!

Earlier Aroma had their Masala tea which is at its best when had after a spicy Briyani or Indian food in general. Chutneys has their flavor of "Indian Tea" for their Lunch Buffet. One thing which annoys me with Chutneys is though they might let you in any time before closing time they dont cook if the buffet items gets over. It holds good even for a simple item like "Upma" or a "Tea". Which is really pathetic. I have been visiting them for more than a year and they havnt done anything to make things attractive to the customers, well unfortunately thats a typical indian retaurants business model. :(

But Both Chutneys and Indian Orchard are good in their A la carte. The Weekend buffet is hell of a costlier in Indian Orchard but at times you get really nice Dosa, Bhel Puri and other special items. Since they are pretty inconsistent i really dont feel like betting my 14 bucks. Wait did i say they charge for the Soda on top of the whooping 14 bucks buffet in Indian Orchard. Chutneys is pretty descent when it comes to their pricing and quality of the food. So i have to rate them 6.5/10. Due to inconsistency Indian Orchard really gets just a 5/10. Aroma for their quality and taste of food even with out a great ambience gets 7.5/10. 

Well last i heard there is a new player in the town and its "Taj Indian Cuisine". Dont get tricked by its naming, its not part of the chain "Taj Restaurants". Its still in its nascent stages and the food is not tat great. I have not been there as the reviews from friends are not up to the mark. Wait did i say it resembles so much similar to Chutneys for the obvious reasons. Since i havent had food myself i will refrain from rating it. 

well i might at times say more on my tweets @ioWint


RIP Steve Jobs!

posted Oct 5, 2011, 8:28 PM by io Wint

The very news of Steve Jobs death as an alert on my iphone made me blog n say this, "RIP Steve jobs! We will miss you! God Bless!"  I wouldnt have admired the earlier you! i am a big fan of the reformed Steve jobs! 

the beauty and marvel of any of the apple products on our laps, hands and found all around us will be a constant reminder of ur legacy! RIP! 


How about an Update Poke feature in facebook?

posted Aug 29, 2011, 12:03 AM by io Wint

i saw some one in my frnds list who liked a chevy camaro! Well thats one of my fav cars too! Suddenly i realized my neighbor has a Chevy Camaro! now i cannot take wonderful pic of camaro n send it to her directly! well lets say i dont know her tat well! instead y not use the power of Social networking?? i would like Facebook to show me posting a picture of Camaro as an update from me! Well theoretically, if all i did in a month was to upload a camaro pic and all my friends went woo-lala with it - say 150 likes and 100 comments then theoretically it would show up or has a better chance of showing up in her news feed! my neighbor is aint paris hilton, n its jus an amazing car! :P but even then there is a glitch, facebook has a show more updates from the friends i interact most switched on by default! well its a nice feature i get to know more form ppl i interact more, but on the other hand i miss updates from ppl i know but havent bothered to interact in the recent past!

So to get past all these hurdles, yeah to get to know some one by showing off wat you have in common with her! i was thinking there should be a feature called "Indirect message" or an "Update Poke" (or call it what ever you want, giving a better name is aint ma job! :P ) feature!

"So i do something on facebook, i would like to say to facebook make sure you show THIS particular thing as my update IF at all you are going to show an update from me to HER! Its like saying i wanna show this off to her most!" N i think its perfectly rational! ;)

More importantly this aint a feature just to facebook, i would prefer this with any social media interactions out thr! Now do i need to patent this thought! hmmmm thinking!

P.S. didnt wanna get the owner of the Camaro angry in me admiring more than i am allowed to! :P Js an excuse for a moderate shot :P

- to our imaginations! 

Too much activism in India

posted Aug 24, 2011, 6:47 PM by io Wint

Recently am hearing too much activism against corruption in India! I dont support them blindly, but i would like a corruption free nation like any one else. But i am a realistic guy just blindly forcing government into passing a law with out much of logical meetings and resolution will not help in the long run! 

Anyways couple of ma frnds had shared this youtube video of Indias achievements in corruption! Frankly i dont know if its correct, still on the assumption those numbers are right i went ahead with my experiment..  it took me a while to note down all the values and visualize it as a chart! well i have never handled numbers with so many zeros! took me a while to carefully count the zeros n enter! though i could have fixed the scale to billion, i wanted to see how tough it was to enter all the zeros! the irony, few who made those scam never know how many zeros are there in a crore! but they can ASK for a crore or lakhs  ! OMG!  

I wish i had made a better graph! :P

Anyways if any one is interested in making a better graph , this is the list of values - to the best of my knowledge based on me watching the video n pausing it each time :P

1948Jeep Purchase8000000.00
1956BHU Funds5000000.00
1957Mundhra Scandal12000000.00
1960Teja Loans220000000.00
1976Kuo Oil Deal22000000.00
1987HDW Commissions200000000.00
1987Bofors Pay Off650000000.00
1989ST KITTS Forgery94500000.00
1990Air Bus Scandal25000000.00
1992Securities Scam50000000000.00
1992Indian Bank Rip Off13000000000.00
1994Sugar Import6500000000.00
1995JMM Bribes12000000.00
1996In a Pickle1000000.00
1996Fodder Scam9500000000.00
1997CRB Scams10000000000.00
2001Stock Market Scam1150000000000.00
2003Stamp Paper Scam300000000000.00
2005Scorpene Submarine scam189780000000.00
2008Ali Khan tax Default500000000000.00
2008The Satyam Scam100000000000.00
20082-G Spectrum Scam1760000000000.00
2009Rice Export Scam25000000000.00
2009Orissa Mine Scam70000000000.00
2010Common Wealth Games Scam400000000000.00
N i actually wanted to compare that graph with the GDP graph of india.. Google gave a graph, it didnt give the numbers for me to have a single chart comparing two sets of values! well i was lazy enough to read that too n plot again! if any one is interested plz go ahead! ;) 

As usual the first question i got while i saw the Rounded figure on each scam is! WHO HELPED to Round these figures, the investigators :P ? Or were our scammers intelligent enough to ask for round figures! God only Knows! 

Anyways, let me go back n watch sometv n get some sleep! 


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