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April 5, 2017 

Iowa Assessments Cohort Chart

Iowa Valley Community School Mission Statement
The mission of the Iowa Valley School is to provide a safe, comfortable, clean and caring environment where community and staff work together to provide an education that will maximize each individual's potential, instill a sense of self-worth, and prepare them for life-long learning.
 Iowa/Common Core Community Statement
The Iowa Core is a common idea of education within the state of Iowa that is designed to best prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. As educators at Iowa Valley, we are promoting student-centered learning within our classrooms that correlates to real-life applications in today's global society.

(Jaclyn Manternach, Sarah Ritter, Wendy Leonard , 2010)

Iowa Valley Technology Vision Statement
In the Iowa Valley Community School District, the learning community will be technologically literate life-long learners.  Learners will be able to interact successfully in a technological environment to achieve their personal, education, and workplace goals.  They will skillfully use technology to access, retrieve, and us information school-wide, community-wide, nationally, and internationally.
(Iowa Valley , 2007)




Our students can explain what they can and cannot do in
relation to specific skills and standards.

Our students will reach proficiency in reading with teachers:  
1) pinpointing individual student need (based on data) and
2) providing resources and strategies that are taught with fidelity. 

When students are required to think about their own learning, articulate what they understand, and what they still need to learn, achievement improves.
     --Black and Wiliam, 1998; Sternberg, 1996; Young, 2000

“Learning has nothing to do with what a teacher covers.
Learning has to do with what the students accomplish.”
                        --Harry Wong

As teachers, we must not guide our students to become the people we wish them to be, but elevate them to become the people they were meant to be.

The encouragement we give our students may be the only encouragement they ever receive,
so don't use it sparingly.
Every student enters a classroom with his or her own set of obstacles to face, whether behavioral or academic.
It's a teacher's job to identify those issues and help students overcome them, but never to be little or judge a student for them.