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1:00 Professional Development

Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Secondary Agenda
Elementary Agenda

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Secondary Only
(Elementary has PT conferences)

PLC - Professional Learning Communities

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 during PD

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 
(Time & Place TBA)

Individual (Online) Professional Learning - See Patty for details

2020-2021 District Assessment Goals

Iowa Assessments
We plan to look at this data in the fall of 2021-2022. We will be taking the assessment in March-April 2021 (3-11 grade) after cancelling the assessment in spring 2020 (due to Covid 19 closure)

Early Intervention (FastBridge)
By the Spring of 2021, the percentage of students (K-8) will be at 80% proficient, with the intent that all grade levels will work to make up lost proficiency from the spring of 2020 (due to Covid 19 closure) (K-1 (Early Reading),2-5 (CBM-R), 6-8 (aReading)).

NWEA Assessment (MAP)

N/A for 2020-2021 

iReady Math Screener
By the Spring of 2021, 80% of students will have reached grade level Growth numbers. Looking specifically at Stretch Growth numbers to accelerate learning due to Covid 19 closure in the spring of 2020.




 Social - Emotional - Behavioral
Learning & Resources

Article: Top Tips for Stress Management
 and Self Care

Click on image above for lots of 
Social Emotional Learning 
supports & resources

Resources for Online/Distant Learning
(9-12 grade)
(added 7-8 grade (2020-2021))

A very informative look at ways to get your mindset ready for 
back to school - some things to think about - highly recommended

(online ebooks, interactives, etc. )
7-12 (mainly Math & Science)
                                          Can also use in the fall to work with learning gaps and                                              works well with Google Classroom

                                     iReady: Educator Guide
                   Supporting Students During a School Closure


New Fine Arts Standards 

Iowa Valley Community School
Mission Statement
The mission of the Iowa Valley School is to provide a safe, comfortable, clean and caring environment where community and staff work together to provide an education that will maximize each individual's potential, instill a sense of self-worth, and prepare them for life-long learning.
  Iowa Common Core 
Community Statement
The Iowa Core is a common idea of education within the state of Iowa that is designed to best prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. As educators at Iowa Valley, we are promoting student-centered learning within our classrooms that correlates to real-life applications in today's global society.

(Jaclyn Manternach, Sarah Ritter, Wendy Leonard , 2010)

 Iowa Valley Technology 
Vision Statement
In the Iowa Valley Community School District, the learning community will be technologically literate life-long learners.  Learners will be able to interact successfully in a technological environment to achieve their personal, education, and workplace goals.  They will skillfully use technology to access, retrieve, and us information school-wide, community-wide, nationally, and internationally.
(Iowa Valley , 2007)