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The best gaming places in Iowa:

GamerzArena - 901 E. Kimberly Rd #26 Davenport, IA

Lots of LAN gaming, but few other options. Prices are $5 for 1 hour, $12 for 3 hours, or $35 for 10 hours. All day passes cost $20. Games include: several Battefields, Halo, MoH, Unreal Tournament, WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo II.


Hamakau Place - Washington County, Iowa

Has foozball table, ping-pong table, two pool tables, and one Nintendo Wii. Everything is free, but very church-funded. You can notice a mild religious overtone, and it may seem almost oppressive at times. However, the nintendo Wii is great fun, and more places need them!