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Many gamers like us want to design videogames someday. We want to be involved in the creation of some of the greatest stories ever made. That's why we might considering learning videogame design at an accredited videogame design school. There are a number of schools and potential opportunities for you all to look at. First, would be a school dedicated to game making. But if you go to one of these schools and don't like it, then it might be difficult to get on a different track. Not everyone will have the imagination, patience, tolerance, or ability to make games. Considering a public or private university is a good option. You could focus on a major in computer science for programmers, creative writing for story developers, art for graphic designers, and even marketing for publishers.

Look first at schools within your state, especially if you can only afford public schools. Most states have much higher tuition for out-of-state students. Public Ivy schools within your state are excellent resources, without as much of the cost of a regular ivy league school.