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100-plus cars long   
100- to 110-ton car   
48- or 53-foot-long container   
Access Rail   
active warning device  descriptive compound word noun, three words 
at-grade  adjective, hypehnated, e.g., at-grade crossing 
BNSF Railway Co.  do not spell out BNSF (updated 1/24/05); per AP/DOT style Co. is abbreviated railway subsidiary is BNSF Railway Co., but the name of the corporation is Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. 
boxcar noun and adjective, one word an enclosed car used for general service and especially for lading which must be protected from weather 
branchline noun, one word (is not used as an adjective because the term assumes trackage) A secondary line of a railroad, not the main line. 
bulk tansfer adjective and verb, two words The transfer of bulk products, such as plastic pellets or liquid sweeteners, from one mode of transportation to another. Bulk transfer permits off-rail shippers and receivers of varied commoditities to combine rail's long-haul efficiencies with truck's convenient door-to-door delivery. 
carload noun, one word; adjective, one word, e.g., carload rate A shipment of not fewer than five tons of one commodity. 
carman noun Formal name for a craft employee that inspects and repairs railway cars. 
car-mile compound word noun, hypenated; e.g., car-mile rate or per car-mile  
Class 1 Proper noun, "Class" is capitalized; e.g., Class 1 railroad or Class 1 track A railroad having operating revenues of more than $256.4 million annually. 
CN As of 4-1-01 CN is the correct name and NOT Canadian National Railway Company. CN is the correct collective identifier for their properties within Iowa (Cedar River Railroad and Chicago Central and Pacific). The rail office has chosen to refer to these properties collectively, because the two railroads really have the financial and corporate resources of a Class 1 behind them and are more on a par with UP, BNSF, etc., than the other shortlines. Legally, they are still separate entities, but realistically they are a part of a system of railroads akin to a Class 1, but with Canadian ownership. 
coal car simple adjective and noun conbination, two words  
committees Passenger Rail Advisory Committee (PRAC); Railroad Advisory Committee (RAC)  
connecting carrier simple adjective and noun combination, two words railroad with a physical connection to another 
constant warning time (CWT) descriptive compound word noun, three words circuitry at active warning devices which provides a constant warning time, despite the speed at which a train is approaching 
crossarm noun, one word  
crossbuck noun, one word  
cross dock/cross-dock cross dock: noun two words; cross-dock adj. hyphened  
deep water/deep-water deep water: noun two words; deep-water adj. hyphenated  
double-stack adjective, hyphenated; e.g., double-stack containers containers that can be stacked atop one antoher on a flatcar 
enabling federal legislation Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008 (PRIIA); Rail Safety Act of 1970; Railroad Safety Improvement Act of 2008  
flagman noun, one word The rear flagman. 
flatcar noun, one word an open car without sides or roof 
grade crossing simple adjective and noun combination, two words the point at which a roadway intersects a rail line 
gross ton-mile adjective and compound noun, hyphenate "ton-mile" The movement of the combined weight of cars and their contents a distance of one mile. 
haulage rights simple adjective and noun combination, wo words rights obtained by one railroad to have its trains operated by another railroad over that railroad's tracks 
hazmat technically not a word, but a commonly used abbreviation; the preference is to spell he words out in the body of a publication; e.g., hazardous materials  
highway-rail grade crossing   
highway-railroad adjective, hypenated; e.g., highway-railroad grade crossing  
hopper noun, one word an open-top car with pockets, or hoppers, opening on the underside of the car for unloading buld commodities 
in-service adjective, hyphenated; e.g., in-service meeting  
intermodal service simle adjective and noun combination, two words Freight moving via at least two different modes of transport. Intermodal service generally involves the shipment of containers and trailers by rail, truck, barge, or ship. 
less-than-truckload (LTL) complex noun, hyphenated The quantity of freight that is less than that required for applicaiton of a trailerload rate. 
line capacity simple adjective and noun combination, two words The maximum number of trains that can operate safely and reliably over a given segment of track during a given period of time. 
line-haul adjective, hyphenated; e.g., line-haul service The movement over the tracks of a carrier from one city to antoher, not including the switch service. 
loadings  industry term 
main line simple adjective and noun combination, two words Primary rail line over which trains operate between terminals. It excludes sidings, and yard and industry tracks. 
maintenance-of way hypenated  
main track simple adjective and noun combination, two words  
milepost noun, one word; e.g., find the nearest milepost number or milepost UP-70 or SP-1  
motor car two words for railroad car; one word it is an automobile  
multilevel car simple adjective and noun combination, two words, no hyphen a long flatcar designed with one or more deck levels in addition to the car's main deck; used to haul new automobiles and trucks 
net to-mile adjective and compound noun, hyphenate "ton-mile" the movement of a ton of freight one mile 
operating ratio simple adjective and noun combination, two words The percentage of revenues that goes into operating the railroad. It is calculated by dividing railway operating expenses by railway operating revenues. 
over-the-road trucking   
passenger-mile compound word noun, hyphenated; e.g., passenger-mile rate or per passenger-mile  
passive warning device descriptive compund word noun, three words  
percent, % spell out if in sentence, symbol if used graphically or referenced in parens; when used with a number: always use a figure not the word  
rail car simple adjective and noun combination, two words  
rail line two words  
rail miles two words; rail-miles traveled (as shown)  
rail port two words  
railway, railroad noun, one word  
right of way/right-of- way hyphenated if an adjective; e.g., right-of-way agreement  
roadmaster noun, one word describing occupation that may or may not be capitalized; e.g., BNSF Roadmaster Lane Ross or Lane Ross, roadmaster for BNSF ...  
shortline adjective, one word; e.g., shortline railroad  
short line noun, two words; e.g., they are classified as a short line  
state funds Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Fund; Highway-Railroad Crossing Surface Repair Fund; Passenger Rail Service Revolving Fund; Railroad Revolving Loan and Grand Fund  
state programs Highway-Railroad Crossing Safety Program; Highway-Railroad Crossing Surface Repair Program; Railroad Revolving Loan and Grant Program (RRLG Program)  
switching active verb, one work Movement of freight cars between two nearby locations or trains. Switching is a term typically associated with activities that occur in a railcar classificaiton yard or terminal. 
through freight train descriptive compound word noun, three words an express freight train between major terminals 
timetable noun, one word The authority for the movement of regular trains subject to the rules. It may contain classsified schedules and includes special instructions. 
toolkit one word  
trackage rights simple adjective and noun combination, two words Rights obtained by one railroad to operate its trains over another railroad's tacks. 
track car simple adjective and noun combination, two words Equipment, not classified as an engine, which is operated on tract for inspection or maintenance. It may not shunt track sircuites or operate signals and will be governed by rules and special instrucitons for trains other than passenger trains. 
trainload noun, one word  
trainmaster noun, one word occupation 
train-mile compound word noun, hypenated; e.g., train-mile rate or per train-mile  
transload noun, one word; e.g., barge transload facility  
tri-level noun, hyphenated  
Union Pacific Railroad   
unit train simple adjective and noun combination, two words A freight train that moves carloads of a single product between two points. By unloading on arrival and returning promptly for another load, such trains can cut costs because they eliminate intermediate stopes in yards and reduce cycle times. 
U.S. DOT programs High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Program (HSIPR Program); U.S. DOT National Crossing Inventory Program  
welded rail  The standard unit of track structure providing safer, seamless service. 
yardmaster noun, one word occupation 
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