This three part series is designed to help Challenging Behavior Specialists (CBS) implement appropriate Functional Based Assessments (FBA) and to create effective and durable Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) for children who display challenging behaviors. Part one of this three part series includes six ICN sessions designed to increase the CBS’s understanding of the basic principles of behavior from an Applied Behavior Analysis perspective. This series is designed to increase understanding of basic concepts as a foundation of support for deeper understanding of the concepts from which FBA and BIP is drawn from in the second part of this series.

Part one of this series is intended to support CBS’s from each AEA who are involved in the training of assessment of children with challenging behaviors.  These trainings coincide with the practical experiences they are receiving from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in FBA and the concepts discussed in this series are designed to increase the technical assistance capabilities of each CBS. While the CBS’s are the target audience this series, anyone in the state that works with children who display challenging behaviors is welcome to attend. For all attendees a basic understanding of why behavior occurs, how to measure behavior and make decisions to increase or decrease behavior will be provided. Part one will also specifically focus on providing attendees the: a) theoretical background of applied behavior analysis, b) knowledge to operationally define, record, and display behavior for appropriate data analyses, and c) background knowledge of key concepts that lead to greater understanding of why children display challenging behavior.  The overall theme across these sessions is the development of pre-cursor knowledge that permits the potential application of appropriate FBA technologies that will result in effective BIP’s designed to reduce challenging behaviors and to increase appropriate/adaptive behaviors displayed by children with such concerns.

Maximum benefit for attendees will be gleaned by attending all sessions in the series, however CBS’s should select from those sessions that most meet their needs. In addition, up to 2 additional readings is assigned to each session as a means to augment the attendees learning. The articles can be located at the following link for time-limited periods leading up to the ICN session dates:


It is strongly recommended that attendees read these articles before attending sessions, as much of the content in the session will be gleaned from these readings.

Any remaining time during sessions will be allocated for question and answers periods regarding the topics and for networking and information sharing between AEA staff and participants.

All efforts will be made to keep topics on the dates listed.  Changes may be made based on presenter availability or the emergence of unplanned issues (e.g., weather).