Welcome to the Iowa County 4-H Horse Project!

mother helping child on horsegirl with pony, two girls riding horses in background

two girls on horses

Use this site for the latest announcements, clinics, project meeting, fairs, and other information  relating to any of the horse related projects for Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Kick off meeting!!  
Sunday, January 25

Information and forms

Forms may be downloaded below!

Horse Project Calendar

HORSE EQUINE BOARD MEETINGS:  The 4-H Equine Board will meet on the first Thursday of January,June,  April,  and August,  at 7 pm at the Health and Human Services Building.  Youth in the Horse Project, parents and leaders 
are invited to attend these meetings.
2014 4-H HORSE HANDBOOK: For the latest information on state wide events and programs, 
check out this link to the Horse Handbook:  http://www.uwex.edu/ces/4h/onlinpro/HorseHandbook.cfm 

*** This information was copied from "The Clover Connection,"  which can be found at http://iowa.uwex.edu/category/newsletters/4-h-connection/

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Jan 25, 2015, 8:55 AM