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歷史與簡介-About Us
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本校創立於一九六0年在愛荷華州的愛荷華市,由一群熱心家長(鄭迅夫教授及其夫人,林柏錄教授及其夫人,及當時同學會長徐嘉宏)等創辦了中文學校。一開始 是在CITY PARK上課,後因Congregational United Church of Christ負責人Heininger 牧師提供場地借給中文學校用,因此,就一直借用至今。


本 校於每星期日下午上課三小時。教學以中國語文〈繁體字〉為主,依學生年齡和程度共開設五班中文課程。本校的主要活動包括上學期的迎新及耶誕晚會,和下學期 的新年慶祝會及年終成果發表會。這些活動不只提高學生學習中文的興趣,也助益學生對中華文化的認識。本校現有堅強的師資,每位老師均有教育學位或數年教學 經驗。

The Chinese School of Iowa City is run by non-compensated parent volunteers on a rotating basis.  Our families come from heritage and non-heritage backgrounds.   We share a common interest in the traditional Chinese characters and work together to promote a rich language and cultural community.  The teachers of our school have joined us for the same reasons.  They are fluent Chinese speakers, typically from Taiwan.  We have a strong record of teacher's competency and teacher retention.  Whenever possible, teachers are promoted with their students from year to year so that teachers can maximize their knowledge of students and facilitate student-centered instructions on speaking, listening, reading, and writing proficiency.   

Our typical classroom size, determined by student's skill levels and ages, is typically 4-8 students.  We keep the class size small to tailor to students' individual strengths and learning needs.  Throughout the school year, students are taught traditional characters using注音符號 (BoPoMoFo), Taiwan’s pronunciation system.  In addition, students are exposed to the cultural traditions and history of China and Taiwan. 

We meet on Sundays from 1:30-4:30pm at Congregational United Church of Christ in Iowa City.  It is located at 30 N. Clinton St., Iowa City, IA  52245.

To learn more about our school, please visit our “Q&A” page.  If you are interested in arranging to visit our classrooms, please contact the principal at cstinic (at) gmail (dot) com.