Iowa Citizens for Change

Action, Not Reaction

We educate citizens regarding sex offense laws and how to prevent this type of offense,
while informing Iowans about the truths of the registry and Iowa sex offense legislation. 

Our actions include:

Court Watchers
Volunteers make appearances in current relevant court proceedings within their own
local town, city, and/or county to watch, observe, take notes, and relay those notes to the state leaders. 

Legislative Watchers
Volunteers research and observe current legislation regarding sex offender issues. 
We submit new legislation to amend current laws and create laws that are backed by scientific evidence.

Action, Not Reaction, Youth Education Initiative
Non sex-offender volunteers to travel the state of Iowa, educating high school students 
regarding sex offense laws and providing tools to prevent sex offenses from occurring.

Sex Offender Recovery Everyday
We support those with a sex offense conviction and their families by 
advocating for laws based on scientific research, not emotion.



Contact info:

Michael Byars
Iowa State Representative
Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL)