The table of weather forecast that is below the fuel moisture table is not updating correctly.  This table is retrieved from the Weather Underground and I don't know if they have stopped the service or have changed how it needs to be called.

I'll look into the problem, but am going to leave things as they are now in case it is all a temporary problem that will fix itself if a short while.

Current forecasts are for 2-4 May 2017

Forecasts are available for the Weather Service stations on the above map.  Click on the station name in the list to the left for a detailed forecast.

While the forecasts are useful for planning purposes they cannot be considered as any kind of replacement for on-site evaluations of weather and fuel conditions at the time of a planned burn. 

If you have questions they may be answered in the FAQ.  Unanswered questions can be emailed to me at okeefe1777@gmail.com.