Previous ITA Winners

Year    Author                      Title


2013        Pittacus Lore                   I am Number Four
2012        Andrew Klavan               The Last Thing I Remember
2011        Kelly Bingham                 Shark Girl

2010        Carl Deuker                     Gym Candy

2009        Rick Riordan                    The Lightning Thief

2008        Christopher Paolini            Eragon

2007        Sonya Sones                    One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

2006        Sonya Sones                    What My Mother Doesn’t Know

2005        Anthony Horowitz            Stormbreaker

2004        Ann Brashares                 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

2003        Jerry Spinelli                     Stargirl

2002        Gary Paulsen                  The Transall Saga

2001        Beatrice Sparks              Annie’s Baby

2000        Gail Carson Levine         Ella Enchanted

1999        Jerry Spinelli                   Crash!

1998        Gary Paulsen                   Brian’s Winter

1997        Gary Paulsen                   Harris and Me

1996        Caroline Cooney             What Ever Happened to Janie

1995        Michael Crichton             Jurassic Park

1994        Ryan White                     Ryan White: My Own Story

1993        Caroline Cooney             Face on the Milk Carton

1992        Lois Duncan                    Don’t Look Behind You

1991        Norma Fox Mazer           Silver

1990        Gary Paulsen                   Hatchet

1989        Joan Lowery Nixon         The Other Side of Dark

1988        Hadley Irwin                   Abby, My Love

1987        Patricia Hermes               You Shouldn’t Have to Say Goodbye

1986        Norma Fox Mazer          When We First Met

1985        Judy Blume                     Tiger Eyes