ITA Criteria

To be eligible for the Iowa Teen Award, books must (be):

  • Published for young adults within the last three years
  • Fiction or Nonfiction
  • Represent a wide range of subjects and reading levels
  • Represent fifteen different authors
  • Represent different genres to as great an extent as is practical
  • Appeal to readers of both genders and to the range of readers in grades 6-9

The following are NOT considered for inclusion on the list:
  • Books in a series (i.e., Sweet Valley High, Hardy Boys, Fear Street)
  • Books without a positive review from at least one major reviewing periodical
  • Novelizations of movies or TV programs
  • Newbery Winners (although Honor books are eligible)
  • Books which have appeared on previous Iowa Teen Award lists
Chelsea Y. Sims,
May 19, 2014, 8:49 AM