ICCA Criteria

The criteria to be nominated for the Iowa Children's Choice Award is as follows:

1. Living author who currently resides in the United States.
2. Reading and interest level of grades 3-6.
3. Type of book:

  • Any book appropriate in content, except for texts or readers, of high literary quality and appealing to children. The list  should be well-balanced and with a wide range of interests and reading levels represented.
  • Original work of fiction in the English language. This precludes retelling of fables, folklore, newly-illustrated songs onursery rhymes.
  • Nonfiction books are acceptable if there is a definite storyline. The number of nonfiction books on the list should be kept to a minimum.
  • Newbery award winners excluded but not honor books.
  • In-print titles only.
  • Original book must have been published in hardcover.
  • Picture books, if included, must be illustrated by the author.
  • Books which have appeared on any ICCA master list are excluded.
4. Final master list will reflect titles published within the four years previous to the year of nomination.
5. Number of books on the master list will be flexible with a minimum of 15 and an maximum of 25 for any one year.
6. Only one title per author is allowed on the master list at a time.