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Goldfinch Criteria

Books chosen for the master list are those written within the last five years. Titles are fiction or nonfiction, with a wide range of interests and reading levels appropriate for children in grades preschool through three. No textbooks are included.

AEA Co-op gets bids for book sets during Fall (usually by the end of September). This list is developed from the summer readers who read and select from titles recommended by the students.


Process for selecting winner (including dates/time frames)


1. Students must read at least five titles to be eligible to vote. It is acceptable
for students to read these themselves or have heard them read aloud.

2. Students may vote for only one title and may not vote for any title they have not read or heard read.

3. Voting will be conducted on ballots produced by each attendance center. Each participating school will send the results by web ballot in March unless another method is designated by the Goldfinch Award chair. There will be a voting template available created by the Goldfinch Award chair for those attendance centers who wish to use them.