Transformational Technology: Iowa Core and Authentic Intellectual Work
Purpose of the Site:
The purpose of this site is to provide resources that can help educators select appropriate technology tools to enhance rigor in the classroom and meet the standards set by Authentic Intellectual Work and the Iowa Core. The information on this website focuses heavily on the Iowa Core's Characteristics of Effective Instruction (CEI): Student-Centered Classrooms, which includes five attributes - Construction of Learning, Metacognition, Educator/Student Partnerships in Learning, Collaborative Learning, and Authentic Assessment. However, please read through the Characteristics of Effective Instruction page to explore additional alignment between Iowa Core: CEI and AIW. 

Basic Premise: The basic tenet for all participants using the information provided is the understanding that the tool alone won’t require students to think or perform at a higher cognitive level.  The tool is just a tool unless it is implemented at a transformational level. The tools need to be used in correlation with Iowa Core (Standards and Characteristics of Effective Instruction) and the Authentic Intellectual Work Framework

Educator Understanding: Read and understand the differences between Transitional and Transformational Technology and Synchronous and Asynchronous Technology. Knowing the differences will aid in utilizing the appropriate tools to facilitate the intended learning experience.

Learner Outcome: Educators can use this site to plan for transformational technology that will enhance learning in the classroom and lend itself to authenticity in the 21st Century.

Note: Educators - If you would like to share samples of student work using transformational technology, please contact me!