Special Session on Dependable IoTs for eHealth and Management of Chronic Conditions


Special Session Objective

Public health systems in most developed countries face unprecedented financial pressures. Ageing populations and spiralling costs of chronic conditions (Diabetes, COPD, Alzheimer's, Dementias, Cancer, Arthritis Asthma etc.) approach 70% of health budgets in some countries (e.g. UK). It is clear that a completely different approach to the delivery of health services is needed to maintain financial sustainability. The costs are a direct consequence of the health provision responsibility arrangements i.e. the responsibility is completely subsumed by the health system and medical professionals. A radical and somewhat controversial solution to this problem is to shift most of the responsibility towards the patients themselves with the aid of novel technology. Such arrangement can only work if the technology can be proven to be dependable. Dependability is a complex notion and is in itself a combination of a range of non-functional attributes, such as reliability, robustness, safety and security. Dependable IoT solutions will be the main ingredient in this new landscape that is perhaps the only hope to deliver financially sound and universally acceptable health services.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Robust, Reliable, Secure and Safe IoTs for eHealth  

  • Dependable pervasive eHealth solutions

  • User acceptance and privacy issues

  • Test deployments and large scale trials  

Special session organizer:

Robert J. Piechocki, University of Bristol, UK, Email: r.j.piechocki@bristol.ac.uk  

Important Dates

 Paper submission opens

 early August 2015

 Paper submission deadline

 31 August 2015

 Acceptance Notification

 15 September 2015

 Camera Ready

 31 October 2015