IoT Pod Home Page

Welcome to the IoT Pod System. 

The IoT Pod system has been designed to provide production and maintenance personnel with access to job-related information and resources at the point of need in the workplace. It uses mobile devices to access and display work instructions, maintenance manuals, training resources and similar documents anywhere in the plant. It replaces paper based systems and provides instant access to documents essential for the completion of work activities. The system also enables the capture of production and quality data for use in performance monitoring and allows users to notify management of operational issues requiring action. It displays work-related messages and alerts for users when they log on.

Using the IoT Pod system

This Web App user interface for the IoT Pod system will launch in any mobile device Web browser and provide full functionality, subject to the capability of the device being used. The Web App resources and functional options are selected by clicking on the Tabs in the menu bar at the top of each screen and then choosing from the drop-down list of options available. As well as viewing on your mobile device, the display can also be mirrored to the IoT Pod system smart screen for easier viewing and group working.

To use the system, log in by clicking on the link below and entering your user name and password. Then select the resource you wish to use from the Tab drop-down menu and it will be displayed on the screen. Documents selected will open in a new window which can be closed when you have finished with them. Any important information or alerts you need to know about will be shown in the message windows below when you log in. For further guidance on system use, click on the Help Tab.